“Painting is a journey into the unknown”

Not everything can be told, described, or expressed in words—that is the reason why I create new, unknown spaces. Ideas come by themselves, from everywhere, they are drifting around — I’m trying to catch and hold them. My artistic work reflects my thoughts, feelings, insights, and reflections relating to the essence of existence, and simultaneously concerning the sole essence of our transience. All of my paintings are created under the influence of extremely strong emotions, they become an individual frame touching a particular area linked with personal experience. That is why, not without a reason, I would definitely describe my work as emotional painting. My perception of reality and especially the thing that affects me in the most peculiar manner, lies in the hidden nature of things. A certain thing, which exists deep inside of us, may affect me as a person in a much greater manner, than everything that we can possibly see in the visible/real world.

As far as my memory goes, I have always been intrigued by all kinds of various textures, their structure, shape, density, thickness, layout, juxtaposition, intensity and diversity, nearly everything that had its own form and character had always seemed to catch my attention. Then the strong desire to touch the thing, as the sense of touch makes us experience more, with greater intensity and depth. That moment had awakened my passion to sculpture and I felt as I have to go beyond the flat surface and frames of paintings, as they limited my freedom. With time, this simple flat surface turns into a particular shape, having its form of uneven texture, which you would like to touch and sometimes even keep. In most cases, these are open compositions that provide the possibility to feel a certain type of freedom, a longing to liberate oneself from the painted matter and escape into space along with its new identity, which it has just been given.

When combined with sculpting, painting becomes my individual attempt to undertake my personal exploration, to interact with space and to initiate a personal dialogue within the scope of sensations. Painting is a journey into the unknown regions of imagination, regions that know no limitations or boundaries. Each of my works is different and tells a story known only to itself, and each of them embodies my personal and original statement.

Painting is my own way of experiencing the world.

Izabela Kulman